The major task of ROYAL DENT is to provide customers with the highest level of efficient professional service in luxurious and comfortable conditions.






Beautiful and well-cared-for teeth are an integral part of a modern civilised human being, a symbol of prosperity and health. We clean, polish teeth and fill the cavity with dental fillings, remove dental plaque, treat gums, give advice on dental and oral cavity hygiene. At our disposal there is an AIR FLOW system, the most fashionable and modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers of dental cosmetics: CURADENT, GC, WELEDA, REMBRAND.




ZOOM teeth whitening system gives the most lasting result and effects will be visible for up to 5 years. It treats enamel with utmost care. After one 1.5-hour session, your teeth will become 3-4 times whiter.




It is fashionable to decorate teeth with Swarowski crystals and diamonds. These decorations are fixed with the help of FLOW and do not damage enamel. The specialists of the dental office are at your disposal.




Our dentist pediatrician has a special offer for your kids – colored fillings shine with a pearly gleam on their perfectly white teeth. The kid chooses the color himself: pink, turquoise, golden, blue, violet, etc. However, the main benefit is that these fillings make the teeth of your kids stronger by emitting fluorine that they contain. bernu-stom

An importance of a visit to a dentist pediatrician cannot be underestimated. Children's hygiene and teeth strengthening with special vitamins will give positive long-lasting results.





The coating with enamel luting solution Tiefenfluorid (the production of a German scientific laboratory Humanchemie) is a reliable guarantee for your healthy teeth. The solution is designed for dental cervix desensitization by a deep hard substance fluorination, for the local dental cavities prevention and for mineral sealing of fissure.


To make your smile beautiful our specialists offer you tooth restoration with the help of esthetic, strong helium. The color, shape of the teeth and materials are for you to choose.



We also offer denture esthetics – veneers. These are specially made thin ceramic "plates". Veneers cover teeth front surface solving the problem of color, shape and the size of teeth. Teeth can be covered with veneer all at once (you will need to visit us only three times).



A highly professional endodontist will turn root canal treatment into a pleasant procedure. We use the most sparing and reliable methods for canal treatment and filling. Medicine containing calcium and fluoride, Thermafil system will help you keep healthy teeth for a long time.


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