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ROYAL DENT Swiss-American corporation

for your perfect smile!

The main task of ROYAL DENT is to provide their customers with the highest level of efficient professional services in the most comfortable and luxurious conditions. Our client is a person who cares about the confidence and beauty of his smile, and who appreciates an absolute communication comfort. Seven years of experience in Jurmala shows that dental treatment perfectly combines with our Baltic weather.

A well-coordinated team of dental experts ROYAL DENT started working in 1995. It was the time when the private sector emerged and the possibilities of research in modern dentistry significantly widened. ROYAL DENT dentists managed to withstand competition with dignity and have gained great experience and distinguished skills. Our specialists received additional training in Belgium (Brussels), America(New Jersey, Wildwood), Italy(Milan), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg (Meldorf), Switzerland (Lausanne), Denmark (Bornholm, Rønne), Russia(Moscow, Saint-Petersburg).

Royal Dent equipment & design

for your comfort!

ROYAL DENT dentists have chosen comfortable and ergonomic equipment produced by Anthos, a leading Italian manufacturer. They have been producing dental equipment for the whole world for 60 years. The latest dental equipment Classe A9 crossover possesses ultra-modern ergonomics, which ensures unsurpassed performance,, practicality and style. Not only does the exceptional universality take into account the work of a dentist, but it also offers ergonomic solutions, which are of a particular importance for the client. A transforming dental armchair with a special polster provides additional comfort for the client.

An appropriate compliment to the professional equipment of dental office ROYAL DENT is Italian dental furniture ROSSICAW. ROSSICAW is a positive result of the creativity of designers and high-tech representatives. All elements of the furniture are made of electrical galvanized, cold-rolled steel and painted with clean polyether powder.

One more class LUX room is equipped at new place. We made our choice for a modern technological installation of world famous concern STERN WEBER S320TR. Fashionable, effective, easy-to-use machine will help our professionals create miracles and our customers to enjoy the process. Because of the spaciousness of the office it is possible to emphasize our level by high class furniture TAVOM HI TECH Furnishing.

The interior is designed according to the main concept of ROYAL DENT, aimed at the comfort and well-being of the client. The design is defined by the dental office location. Refined restraint and luxury are beautifully combined.

Additional Services

for your healthcare

Taking care of health of our clients we took specialists of related professions into our strong family of dentists. Together with us, qualitative services will provide the masseur, the cosmetologist, the osteopath, the psychologist and also manual therapist who works on posture. While waiting our young customers, we created a playing place for children and traditionally special awards for the ability to keep the teeth whole and healthy are waiting for them.

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