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Prices dental clinic pricelist


Consultation Form 50,00 - 80,00 EUR


Aesthetic helium fillings From 80,00 EUR
Tooth restoration From 150,00 EUR
Full restoration of the frontal tooth From 220,00 EUR


KAVO teeth polishing with a calcium-enriched jet 40,00 EUR
Professional dental hygiene 85,00 EUR
Deep dental fluoridation 85,00 EUR


Effective whitening with system Flash 420,00 EUR
Effective whitening with the Flash system 1/4 135,00 EUR


Single-rooted tooth extraction From 105,00 EUR
Multi-rooted tooth extraction From 155,00 EUR

Child dentistry

Deciduous teeth treatment (white and colored fillings) From 60,00 EUR
Professional hygiene From 35,00- 65,00 EUR


Ceramic crown with metal 450,00 EUR
Zirconia cap From 700,00 EUR
Empress Esthetic E.max PRESS system From 750,00 EUR
Crown on implant (without details) From 850,00 EUR

Endodontic treatment

Mechanical and chemical treatment From 80,00 EUR
Endodontics with a Zeiss microscope From 160,00 EUR
Work with a microscope (1 hour) 50,00 EUR

Implant dentistry

Implant setup 890,00 EUR
Straumann gum shaper 85,00 EUR

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