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Edgars Berze

Edgars Berze Surgeon, specialist in facial surgery and dentistry, implantologist

Dentist, specialization: dental surgery.

Certified dentist, member of the Latvian Dental Association. Graduate of Riga Stradiņš University.

Specialization: bone grafting, implant placement, complex surgical procedures.

In his work he is self-possessed, calm, and always carefully explains important points to the patient. It works clearly and convincingly, thereby inspiring the patient’s trust.

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Julija Cipljakova

Julija Cipljakova Hygienist

In 2015, she began working as a dental assistant (certified specialist). But every year she wanted to go further into the profession and in 2018 she graduated from Riga Stradins University, receiving a diploma of professional qualification as a dental hygienist. She is very tactful and attentive when communicating with patients. Gives competent recommendations on oral care, selects everything necessary to maintain healthy teeth. She loves her profession very much

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Vitaly Dvurechensky

Vitaly Dvurechensky Dentist

Extensive work experience, regular training, internships in German clinics, all types of treatment and prosthetics.

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Elina Heifica

Elina Heifica Dentist

Leading specialist of the Royal Dent clinic. Certified dentist, member of the Latvian Association of Dentists. Graduated from the Latvian Medical Academy. There are diplomas and certificates. High-class specialist in the field of function and occlusion.

Specialization: dental treatment, fixed and removable prosthetics, combined prosthetics on implants. In collaboration with the orthodontist, she uses the most modern techniques and performs excellent precision work, including bite lifts. She has interned in various clinics in European countries and regularly attends international exhibitions and professional qualification courses. She constantly improves her skills, exchanges experience with specialists from Lithuania (Klinika G. Kobs), Germany, Switzerland, etc.

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Irina Ivanova

Irina Ivanova Dentist

Certified dentist, member of the Latvian Dental Association. Regularly participates in conferences and advanced training courses.

Specialization: performs dental fillings, aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment (endodontics), prosthetics, extractions, and also provides consultations.

She is self-possessed, friendly, loves her profession and can do everything necessary for a beautiful smile.

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Inara Karpova

Inara Karpova Hygienist

Very attentive to patients and sociable. She will always recommend the best solution to solve the problem. Certified high-class specialist in oral hygiene. Expert in the most advanced program - SOLO prevention. Has extensive experience and excellent results in the field of teeth whitening (ZOOM), as well as early prevention of caries (Humanchemie, Germany). Has diplomas and certificates.

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Baiba Krauze

Baiba Krauze

Jekaterina Reznika

Jekaterina Reznika Dentist

The doctor specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children's teeth and gums.
The doctor treats each of his patients very carefully, takes care of establishing contact, so that a visit to the dentist does not cause anxiety even for the smallest patients, but, on the contrary, promotes trust in the doctor and understanding of the dentist's need for oral care.
The doctor works with the most modern equipment and techniques.
Anyone who has already been lucky enough to attend a reception at Yekaterina's will certainly agree with us.

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Oleg Varenyev

Oleg Varenyev Dentist, surgeon, therapist, orthopedist

Dr. Oleg Varenyev, a certified dentist, graduated from Odessa State Medical University! Constantly participates in international congresses and symposiums, improves qualifications and practical skills to provide quality dental services.

The doctor’s 15 years of experience and extensive knowledge allow him to quickly and effectively solve even the most complex dental health problems. An expert in his field, he is confident and calm in his work, which wins the trust of the patient.

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