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Hygiene dental and oral cavity hygiene

Beautiful and well-cared-for teeth are an integral part of a modern civilised human being, a symbol of prosperity and health. We clean, polish teeth and fill the cavity with dental fillings, remove dental plaque, treat gums, give advice on dental and oral cavity hygiene as well as deep fluorination. Since 1995 we successfully use an enamel filling treatment developed by scientists by german Humanchemie laboratory. At our disposal there is an AIR FLOW system, the most fashionable and modern equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers of dental cosmetics: CURADENT, GC, WELEDA, REMBRAND.


ZOOM teeth whitening system gives the most lasting result and effects will be visible for up to 5 years. It treats enamel with utmost care. After one 1.5-hour session, your teeth will become 3-4 times whiter.

In case, if you don’t want to spend two hours in a dentist’s chair, we offer other effective and proven methods for teeth whiteness and freshness by American, German and Swiss manufacturers, as Opalescence, WhiteSmile flash, Blanche et Brillante.

Swarowski crystals

It is fashionable to decorate teeth with Swarowski crystals and diamonds. These decorations are fixed with the help of FLOW and do not damage enamel. The specialists of the dental office are at your disposal.

Aesthetic dentistry Veneers & E-Max

The coating with enamel luting solution Tiefenfluorid (the production of a German scientific laboratory Humanchemie) is a reliable guarantee for your healthy teeth. The solution is designed for dental cervix desensitization by a deep hard substance fluorination, for the local dental cavities prevention and for mineral sealing of fissure. 

To make your smile beautiful our specialists offer you tooth restoration with the help of esthetic, strong helium. The color, shape of the teeth and materials are for you to choose.

We also offer denture esthetics – veneers. These are specially made thin ceramic "plates". Veneers cover teeth front surface solving the problem of color, shape and the size of teeth. Teeth can be covered with veneer all at once (you will need to visit us only three times).

Further, we plan to use an endodontic microscope for this jewelry work.


A highly professional endodontist will turn root canal treatment into a pleasant procedure. We use the most sparing and reliable methods for canal treatment and filling. Medicine containing calcium and fluoride, Thermafil system will help you keep healthy teeth for a long time.

Children dentistry

Our dentist pediatrician has a special offer for your kids – colored fillings shine with a pearly glam on their perfectly white teeth. The kid chooses the color himself: pink, turquoise, golden, blue, violet, etc. However, the main benefit is that these fillings make the teeth of your kids stronger by emitting fluorine that they contain.

An importance of a visit to a dentist pediatrician cannot be underestimated. Children's hygiene and teeth strengthening with special vitamins will give positive long-lasting result.

Cosmetology Сosmetologist Tatjana Staroverova

Years of working in the teeth treatment industry have led to the accurate comprehending that dental procedures were balancing between the medical process and the beauty sphere, thus, now are clearly a part of the latter. People did not stop treating their teeth but learnt to take care of them. They cannot be satisfied anymore with a crooked dentition, darkened teeth or voids in the mouth. Going further, most of our clients already understand that the correct teeth closure is essential for their health and normal vital activity of the organism as a whole. We continually teach our clients and we are happy about all the successful workings, that were performed in our clinics, concerning teeth functions’ recreation and elevation and stability of the bite. This is surely our trump and main specialization. Exactly those various workings with the teeth bite have formed a perception that both the face and the body require a certain proper setting. It requires a restart, rebranding and reboot, as the modern worlds’ representatives would suggest. In our understanding, it is a follow-through chain of actions that targets on renewal and recovery. This way we created a branch of cosmetology in our clinics, which successfully functions for half a year already. The second room is intended for the specialists in posture and beauty of the body. The choice of cosmetics was made in favor of the professional cosmetics developed in a scientific laboratory that has the experience and the recognition in the global beauty market.


Skeyndor – Spanish brand, pioneer (1966) and the leader of professional high-quality cosmetics.Philosophy of the brand: scientific approach for skin care. Pharmacists, dermatologists and biochemists in collaboration with medical department of the National University of Barcelona developed the recipe of brands’ preparations. The effectiveness and safety of the preparations are justified with various researches and, obviously, with the results of grateful clients all over the world. The first and only one hardware technology of this brand is being used in our clinics. Fifty years of researches and innovations in cosmetics combined together served as creation of the unique line TIMELESS PRODIGY. The lines’ products conjoin three strategies for cell rejuvenation: stimulation of cell formation + improvement of cell quality + enhancement of cell functions. Using the innovations, our specialists offer procedures taking into account the individual characteristics of every patient. Apart from that, there is an opportunity to obtain the products of the TIMELESS PRODIGY line for home treatment according to recomendations received.

FORLLED – Japanese safety, quality and effectiveness.

Forlled is the expert in fighting the aging. It is determined as cosmocetics, meaning, it is cosmetics for treatment. The preparations are identical to dermal fillers and injection methods. The production of FORLLE’D is based on the invention of company’s SHIMADZU scientologist Koichee Tonaka (the method of soft laser desorption of macromolecular compounds), who was granted with the Nobel prize in 2002. On the basis of these scientific achievements and patented process of manufacturing FORLLE’D laboratory received the unique low molecular weight hyaluronic acid Hyalogy with molecules’ size of 5 to 15 nanometers, i.e., 4000 times smaller than the regular ones, which defines its high bioavailability due to penetration into the deep layers of derma. Already in 2004, the first product of FORLLE’D having no analogues was invented – low molecular weight serum P-effect. Our specialists perform unique massages for sculpting and modeling face. All together it gives a tremendous result which has already satisfied many clients including the most demanding ones.

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